CATS Technology Expands to a Bigger Space

September 29, 2016 1:25 pm | Published by

UnknownCATS Technology is home!  We are so excited to announce that we have expanded to a bigger space, right down the hall from our previous office.  Although our address is the same, suite number and all, the new office feels so different.  It is comfortable, refreshing, and a place that we are all very proud of.

With our new office being about 1,000 square feet bigger, as a company, we are growing.  Having a bigger space gives us the opportunity to expand the CATS team over time, as well as more storage space for our IT equipment.

The walls are decorated with the CATS logo and big flat screen TV’s to display our services, as well as upcoming events.  One particular company-wide event that is right around the corner is the Tough Mudder.  We will all be participating in it as a team building exe
rcise, and also to raise money for the organization, JAR of Hope.  We take the course on October 8, so there is still time to raise money to help us reach our goal!


We are now equipped with a cozy waiting area, where we welcome current clients, as well as potential ones, so please stop in and check out or newest space.  Our home is your home!


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