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Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.06.12 AMEric is the Director of Technology at CATS Technology Solutions Group, and grew up close by in East Brunswick, NJ.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management, as well as an Associate of Applied Science in Network and Communications Management.

As a kid, Eric would take apart gadgets and manage to always put them back together properly.  That’s when he realized he had a strong interest in computers and the IT field.

In his free time, Eric enjoys the opportunity to sit back and do nothing – although this is very rare.  He also enjoys cycling and reading to his daughter.

Eric hopes to continue to help CATS Technology grow and expand its reach.  For a personal goal, he wants to always be an involved parent and be the type of father his current, and possibly future, children would be proud of.

Fun Facts about Eric:

  • I am obsessed with the Back to the Future trilogy and own an extensive collection of merchandise and memorabilia.
  • Both my wife and I are social media junkies and first started talking to each other through Twitter back in its infancy, which ultimately led to storybook romance years later.

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