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Why is IT Always the Bad Guy?

It’s Monday morning, and you’re back at work after a relaxing weekend that felt entirely too short.  You gave yourself a pep talk during your entire drive – It’s Monday, new week, less stress, no worries and time to focus.

After you try to log into your computer at work, an error message pops up.  You try a few more times, only to receive the same message.  How annoying! You think, “Why can’t IT ever get this right?  It’s Monday morning and I can’t even work, this is not how I want to start my week!”

Now be honest, does this sound familiar?

As IT Consultants, CATS Technology gets it.  It is as frustrating to us as it is to you. But why is IT always the bad guy?  Let’s explore.

images-1The bearer of bad news.  IT Consultants make a constant effort to communicate with their clients from start to finish, which means there is a chance that unplanned issues can arise. YIKES! Let’s cue the yelling.  Nobody enjoys delivering bad news, so we aren’t too happy about this either.  However, the bright side is that we have kept you in the loop and no matter what the problem is, it is solved as quickly as possible.

It’s easy to blame.  We know, it’s easy to take your frustration out and blame IT for any issues that include a computer, printer, scanner, and the list goes on and on.  After all, IT should definitely have this under control, right?  Well, it’s not as easy as it seems.  Technology can be completely unpredictable, and usually it’s not until something goes wrong that it’s brought to our attention (well, your attention first of course).

So, try to cut us IT Consultants a break.  At CATS Technology, we are constantly working behind the scenes and around the clock.  We try our hardest to fix everything, however, technology does not always make it possible.

Remember, while we are the ones who need to take the blame, we are also the ones trying our best to solve the problems so you can work headache free Monday through Friday!

How the Tough Mudder Defined Teamwork for CATS Technology

WE DID IT!!!  We powered through the deep mud pits, climbed up the high walls, and army crawled under barbed wire to make it to the finish!2016-10-08_10-42-50_560

For the majority of us, this was our first time experiencing the Tough Mudder, and honestly I don’t think a lot of us knew what to expect.  Yes, we knew there would be mud (maybe even underestimated the amount of mud), and we knew it was an event that was focused on teamwork.  The teamwork that was displayed from each person is what made this entire experience so memorable and enjoyable – and it’s what makes CATS Technology Solutions Group so special.

The Tough Mudder is a tricky thing.  You are out of your comfort zone, soaked in mud, and unsure which obstacle is next and how much more your body will be pushed to the limit.  It’s extremely easy to give up – but none of us did.  Instead, we spoke only encouraging words, offered our hands to one another, and picked each other up when we fell down.  That is the true definition of teamwork.

For a company that is already close, the Tough Mudder felt like it brought everyone even closer.  There’s something about wearing the same matching t-shirts that makes you feel united.  The first day back in the office following our crazy weekend brought a lot of storytelling and picture sharing, as well as showing off our minor bumps and scrapes.

At CATS, we take pride in being a close knit company.  The fact that we work well together both inside and outside of the office is rare, and proves that it’s important to hire a MSP with these features.  We know the only way to get things done for our clients is with teamwork.  It’s something that makes us different and, most importantly, it’s what makes us a family.

We would like to thank all of our friends and family who spent the day with us.  We are looking forward to getting muddy again next year!!

Check out highlights of the day here:

2016-10-08_12-21-57_291 2016-10-08_11-46-29_594 2016-10-08_11-55-54_682

CATS Technology Expands to a Bigger Space

UnknownCATS Technology is home!  We are so excited to announce that we have expanded to a bigger space, right down the hall from our previous office.  Although our address is the same, suite number and all, the new office feels so different.  It is comfortable, refreshing, and a place that we are all very proud of.

With our new office being about 1,000 square feet bigger, as a company, we are growing.  Having a bigger space gives us the opportunity to expand the CATS team over time, as well as more storage space for our IT equipment.

The walls are decorated with the CATS logo and big flat screen TV’s to display our services, as well as upcoming events.  One particular company-wide event that is right around the corner is the Tough Mudder.  We will all be participating in it as a team building exe
rcise, and also to raise money for the organization, JAR of Hope.  We take the course on October 8, so there is still time to raise money to help us reach our goal!


We are now equipped with a cozy waiting area, where we welcome current clients, as well as potential ones, so please stop in and check out or newest space.  Our home is your home!


CATS Technology Takes on Something BIG for a Great Cause

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 10.45.27 AM

On October 8, 2016, the CATS team will be taking their teamwork out of the office to participate in the Tough Mudder Half at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ.

For those of you who don’t know, the Tough Mudder Half is a 5-mile obstacle course, with 14+ obstacles to overcome.  But the race will not be the only thing on our minds as we battle through mud pits, steep climbs, and tough terrain.

The CATS team will also be competing for JAR of Hope.Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 10.49.30 AM

JAR of Hope, aka Team Jamesy, is an organization whose main focus is to spread awareness and raise money to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a genetic disorder that affects young children, more specifically young boys.  Since children with DMD cannot produce dystrophin, which is a protein that is needed for muscle function and strength, every skeletal muscle in their body begins to deteriorate.

 Please watch this video to see what makes JAR of Hope so special

Since JAR of Hope is very close to the CATS family, we have a donation page set up with the hopes that we can get donations for them by our participation in the Tough Mudder Half. This truly is an incredible organization, so even if you are unable to donate, we ask that you browse their page to learn more about it.  It’s an inspiring story.

Make a Donation

Find out more about JAR of Hope

We will be sporting our custom made team “Thundercats” t-shirts – modeled after the popular TV series – in case anyone wants to come out and watch us in action!

Thanks for your time & we appreciate any donations that can be made!Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 11.57.38 AM

CATS Technology Named to CIOReview’s 2016 “20 Most Promising IT Services Companies”

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.25.51 PMWe are proud and excited to announce that CATS Technology has made the 2016 list of the “20 Most Promising IT Services Companies” by CIOReview.

CIOReview is a print magazine from Fremont, California that explores the different tactics firms use in order to maintain the smooth functioning of their businesses.  The “20 Most Promising IT Services Companies” list was determined by a panel made up of CEOs, CIOs, IT VPs, as well as the CIOReview Editorial Board.

“We are proud to announce CATS Technology as one among the 20 Most Promising IT Services Companies 2016,” said Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview. “CATS Technology remains committed in protecting an organizations data and safeguarding business by providing a wide range of managed IT services and support services at a lower cost.”

This is the second year in a row that CATS Technology has been named to one of CIOReview’s “Most Promising” lists.  Last year, CATS was included in the 2015 “50 Most Promising IT Services Companies” list.

We would like to thank CIOReview for the incredible recognition of our hard work and dedication!

View the full list of vendors who are in company with CATS Technology this year:

President Darrin Gonchar Named “Entrepreneur of the Month” by CIOReview Magazine

This month, our very own Darrin Gonchar has been named “Entrepreneur of the Month” and is featured in CIOReview Magazine.

This articScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 1.40.59 PMle is particularly special to CATS Technology because not only does it explain the services CATS offers but it also displays the company’s wholesome and personal side.

I’m sure the majority of you know what services CATS Technology offers, but this article touches on some things that you may not know; Do you know how CATS got its start?  Or what CATS actually stands for? How about that CATS has a history of giving back to the community?

It’s always an added bonus when a company excels inside the office, as well as outside of it, and we are so honored and thankful that CIOReview gave CATS Technology the opportunity to tell our story.


For the full article, visit pages 16 & 17 at this link:

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