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Meet William Hillsinger!

Bill PicBill is the Help Desk Manager at CATS Technology Solutions Group.  He grew up in Piscataway, NJ, not too far from the CATS office.

In his free time, Bill really likes to spend the day playing golf.  He also enjoys taking the time to care for his plants.

In the future, he hopes to learn a second language.

Fun Facts about Bill:

  • You’re asking a lot here. I’m 57 and not a comedian.  So fun for me is staying up past 11pm!
  • Lucky I could think of one.

When in Doubt, Call CATS!

If you are experiencing any type of computer or IT related issue, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is, “Can I fix this myself?”  If you have to even ask this, then usually that means there is some doubt, and chances are the outcome will not be in your favor.

Before we totally rule it out, let’s figure out if there are any benefits to fixing the problem on your own.  If you are able to fix it, there is always the chance that it is just a temporary fix, which can cause even bigger problems down the road.  There is also the risk of making the problem worse right off the bat, which can cause more damage to your devices.

Who You Gonna Call? CATS

Let’s face it, technology is a crucial part of everyday life.  Whether it is at home, the office, or just on the go, we depend on technology for many different reasons.  Since it is frequently used, it’s only natural and expected that issues will arise from time to time.  Technology is such an important part of our everyday lives and we need to give it the proper treatment and maintenance it requires so you don’t have deal with the technical frustration.

Well you’re in luck, because that’s what CATS Technology Solutions Group is here for!  With CATS Technology, you don’t just get 1 Consultant but rather a group of 20 IT Professionals who specialize in these specific services.  This means you get 20 different ideas from certified technicians with many different areas of expertise that will guarantee to find you a quick and satisfying solution for your IT troubles.

CATS Technology works around the clock for you and you are our priority.  If the client is happy, we are happy.  So next time you run into a problem, rather than try to diagnose and fix the issue yourself, save yourself the headache and get it the proper care it needs.

When in doubt, call CATS! We are here to help!

Meet Desiree Jones!

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.30.02 AMDesiree is an Administrative Assistant at CATS Technology Solutions Group.  She grew up in New Brunswick, NJ, where she attended high school.  She went on to receive her Administrative Certificate at Cittone Institute, as well as her Associate’s Degree for Paralegal Studies from Berkeley College.

In her free time, Desiree enjoys doing a lot of fun activities, such as watching movies, playing miniature golf, dancing, going to the beach, playing the keyboard, bowling, and entertaining for family and friends.

Desiree also loves to write, and in the future, hopes to get the books she is currently writing published.

Fun Facts about Desiree:

  • I teach piano and drum class to children ages 4-14.
  • I am a Tough Mudder participant…lol.

Meet Sohail Ali!

Sohail PicSohail is a Senior Consultant at CATS Technology Solutions Group.  He did majority of his adolescent growing up in Friendswood, TX, and then moved to New Jersey when he was 16 years old.  Sohail received his Bachelor’s degree from DeVry University and his MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management.  In addition to his degrees, he also has many certifications from comptia (Security+) and redhat (RHCSA).

When Sohail was 16, he realized his strong interest in the IT field.  His English teacher pulled him out of class and had him watch a movie called “Hackers.”  She told him she could see him one day being as good as the actors were in the movie.  Soon after, when Sohail moved out of Texas and to New Jersey, he relied heavily on his computer to keep in touch with the friends he left behind.  It was around the time that broadband Internet began, and he convinced his father to get them a cable modem so he could set up Internet throughout the whole house.  When he was 17, he built his first Linux machine to behave as a router.  It was at that point that he wanted to further his IT skills.

When Sohail has free time, he enjoys staying active by hiking, biking, and skating.  He also likes to go camping, fishing, tinkering with everything, programming / hacking code, lock picking, watching tv and movies, and reading.

Although his long tern goal is undecided at the moment, Sohail hopes to take his Certified Ethical Hacker exam and receive his certification within the next few months.

Fun Facts about Sohail:

  • I’ve shaken hands with Prince Harry.
  • I can pick the locks on handcuffs while they are on me.

CATS & TCIB: We are Family

Just how important is maintaining a close relationship with your clients?  CATS Technology Solutions Group considers our relationships with our clients extremely important.  Being a very family-oriented company, it is only natural that we consider our clients family.  One particular client of ours that we hold to this standard is Triple Crown Insurance Brokerage.

Triple Crown Insurance Brokerage provides premium insurance services, in both commercial and personal lines.  TCIB, for short, has been a client CATS Technology’s for 12 years, and their name has become a constant presence within our company.  Our relationship is built on trust, loyalty and respect for each other. It is because of this type relationship that we are able to have such a strong and successful bond.

One of the specific services that TCIB offers is Cyber Insurance.  Cyber Insurance helps protect businesses from risks that can cause serious issues and damage to a company, including Ransomware.

After seeing many of our clients become infected with Ransomware, the effects it has on a company can be highly destructive.  The possibility of losing data is a risk that no business should ever take.  Cyber Insurance is not only highly recommended by CATS Technology, but is considered an essential factor to ensure that our clients have valid daily backups and that the risk of Ransomware is never an issue.  It’s important to realize that while this threat is out there, you can easily become protected.  To learn more about the importance of being protected against Ransomware, click here

CATS TCIB We are Family

Always remember, we are family.  Family looks out for family, so CATS Technology is looking out for you.

If you are interested in Cyber Insurance, or any other services that TCIB has to offer, check out their website:

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