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Digital Signage








From single screens to video walls, Digital Signage is moving the needle in commercial and retail marketing by providing flexible platforms that draws attention to people and products, and engages customers in real-time.

Product features include:

  • Most solutions offer user friendly web-based interface.
  • All have some form of Role-based user management.
  • Rich media libraries.
  • There is a growing library of dynamic content widgets simplifying customizations.
  • Playlists are often drag & drop.
  • Multi-zone scheduling has matured in the past year, increasing its appeal to national customers.

Digital displays can make a real-world impact. Your business can see many tangible benefits through the strategic use of digital signage such as:

  • Cost Efficiency: Required changes to the printed material used for promotion or notifications – from creative, pre-production, and printing to the time needed for staff to put the new materials in place.
  • Superior Customer Experiences: Little or no waiting time to serve new and relevant content on digital screens.   Waiting area screens can be programmed to automatically vary content as time passes to not only inform your customers but also helps time pass with reduced anxiety. Digital displays are also replacing posted static maps as way-finders, helping customers/clients find their way easily.
  • Timelines: Changing daily specials promotions and item pricing can all be done digitally, easily and instantly. For examples: overstocked or perishables – can be scheduled as needed
  • Mobile Interactivity: Some networked digital screens can now engage with a consumer’s phone, with suggestions like, retail location, where sales are located, and can solicit an action to receive a coupon, extending the reach of retailers.
  • Increased Engagement: Any change necessitating timely communication can often be accomplished buy the click of a button.
  • Manageability: For customers who prefer to be hands off, this service is available as a fully-managed offering.

Call CATS Technology to see how digital signage can immediately enhance your business!

There are an endless number of use-case scenarios for digital signage, such as:

  • Saving time and money by shifting from printed to digital signage.
  • Target item promotions based on time, day, region, and availability.
  • Real-time point of sale promotion for new or under-performing items.
  • Cross – promoting products between various departments.
  • Can be used off hours for employee training.
  • Seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of social media channels for community building purposes.
  • Expand awareness of rewards and loyalty programs in commercial settings.