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Data Center Design Services

Data Center Design Services

When you are building a new office, renovating, or moving to a new location, we can work with you from the very beginning to create the data center you desire, or relocate the one you have. To build the data center of your dreams, we begin the process with a thorough survey of your existing systems and facilities. We then identify and measure your business needs and gain an understanding of current and future goals. We develop a conceptual data center design that includes all the necessary details. We will consult with the architect on important aspects of the plan such as ensuring adequate space for your people and equipment, power supply, HVAC, phone lines, data lines, fire suppression systems, door access control, wireless infrastructure, etc. Once the planning is done, we can supervise the actual building of the data center, working with your existing contractor or providing our own subcontractors to do the installation. Then when installation is complete, we will manage everything with our Ultimate-Care support and keep it running at peak efficiency with The Guardian monitoring services.


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Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute is a large medical group with eight doctors and about fifty employees. When we were first contacted, they were forming the group from two separate practices in separate locations. They had an IT company handling their systems, but they were not getting things done quickly enough. Nor could it bring crucial new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications online. AOSMI called CATS to make the new application work and to combine the two locations…
Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute