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Through a number of professional partnerships, CATS Technology Solutions Group provides you with cutting-edge, first-class tools to streamline your IT efforts and maximize efficiency and functionality. From software licensing to cloud storage and enterprise hardware, CATS can procure what it is you need to run your environment the right way. Some of those partnerships include companies like:


Barracuda is a leading technology company, delivering enterprise level solutions in the areas of security, data storage, and disaster recovery.


Mozy provides a number of file storage, data-backup, and disaster recovery options to keep you safe from data loss.


HP is one of the world’s leaders in enterprise hardware and network infrastructure. Through our partnership, our technicians stay on the cutting-edge when it comes to knowledge and know-how of HP systems and hardware.


VMware specializes in virtualization software, which gives us the ability to vastly reduce the amount of hardware your environment requires to perform.


SonicWALL is a Dell company that provides enterprise level firewall products that meet all different needs. From network security, VPN and mobile access, and email security, to management and reporting devices, SonicWALL has a device, or set of devices to serve your need.


Dell AppAssure unifies backup, replication and recovery in one software solution. AppAssure continually checks and updates your backups to ensure they will be ready when you need them.


Citrix provides software solutions for all types of business needs, from small business applications, right through to enterprise management software.


Metalogix offers a robust and powerful archiving tool for Microsoft Exchange email servers.

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Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute is a large medical group with eight doctors and about fifty employees. When we were first contacted, they were forming the group from two separate practices in separate locations. They had an IT company handling their systems, but they were not getting things done quickly enough. Nor could it bring crucial new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications online. AOSMI called CATS to make the new application work and to combine the two locations…
Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute