5 ways Internet Explorer helps you get more done

Here are some recently added features that\'ll make your browsing experience more productive, too.   1. Maximize your viewing space with the new minimalist interface The new Internet Explo..

Top 10 Security Tips For your PC

You\'ll probably never hear them on David Letterman\'s Top 10 list, but we\'ve scoured the Web for the best, Top 10 Computer Security and Anti-Virus tips for both home/office users and small-to-medium..

6 useful Windows tricks

6 useful Windows tricks You know that feeling you get when your friends or family see you do something on your computer that they\'ve never seen before? If you\'ve had this experience, you know that ..

How to set up your Microsoft Exchange account on your Iphone

How do I set up Microsoft Exchange e-mail on an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?       Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account. ..

How to add polish to your Powerpoint presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is a terrific medium because it allows you to reinforce your message with visual prompts. But too often, the power of PowerPoint is lost because the speaker doesn\'t use it to h..

Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User

* You can double-click a word to highlight it in any document, e-mail or Web page.   * When you get an e-mail message from eBay or your bank, claiming that you have an account problem or a ques..

Protecting Document with Password

You can protect your document by applying password so that unauthorized person can not display as well as modify your document. You can apply two types of passwords: Password to ope..

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase your productivity, reduce repetitive strain, and help keep you focused. For example, highlighting text with the keyboard and pressing Ctrl + C is much ..

5 Tips to Help Keep your Passwords Secret

Treat your passwords with as much care as you treat the information that they protect. Use strong passwords to log on to your computer and to any site where you enter your credit card number, or ..

5 tips for PC health

Working on a slow, disorganized computer can be frustrating—and it happens to the best of us. This article will give you some easy-to-follow guidelines on how to keep your computer on the right tr..

Do a clean sweep: How to delete unwanted files and programs

Ever wonder how to clean out your computer? Many people do, because it’s not unusual to have your PC’s hard disk filled with games and other programs you no longer need. In fact, some technology..

Disable and Remove iTunes Ping Button

The most annoying feature in iTunes 10 for many users is the new Ping social network. For those that have chosen not to use the service, Apple has made it difficult for users to disable the se..

Automatic Location Based Default Printer Switching

One of the most useful features of Windows 7 for business laptop users is automatic default printer switching based on location.  In past versions of Windows it was only possible to h..

Create a System Repair/Recovery Disc

New in Windows 7 is the ability to create a system repair CD that will help you recover your computer from serious errors preventing windows from starting up. The recovery disc is based on Windows P..

Disable iPhone AutoPlay Pop-up

Every time I connect the iPhone to my PC Windows shows an AutoPlay dialog with four useless options. I want Windows to do nothing because iTunes automatically starts to charge and sync my device...

Disable Taskbar Jump Lists

Windows 7 has a great new taskbar but not everyone is a fan of the jump lists. They keep track of what files you open and present links your recent files so you can jump to them.  To protect yo..

Restore Quick Launch Toolbar

Many Windows users have grown accustomed to using the quick launch bar to quickly start applications and access folders. The new taskbar is kind of like a quick launch bar on steroids but there..

Blackberry Shortcuts: Faster and Easier

Message shortcuts for the Curve 8500 series In a message To reply to a message, press R. To reply to all in an email message or a PIN message, press L. To forward a message, press F...

Strategies for conserving battery power

OPTIMIZE YOUR POWER SETTINGS   The display and hard disk on your mobile PC are the two biggest consumers of battery power. By choosing a power plan (called a power scheme in Windows XP) you can..

10 tips for improving your wireless network

If Windows ever notifies you about a weak signal, it probably means your connection isn\'t as fast or as reliable as it could be. Worse, you might lose your connection entirely in some parts of yo..

Save a file for use in an earlier version of Office

The new 2007 Microsoft Office system file format is called Open XML Formats and applies Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.             Save a file for use in Office 2003..

5 Ways to Customize Your Keyboard

For most people, the keyboard is the main way to enter information into and control their computer. But are you controlling your keyboard, or is your keyboard controlling you? If you make typing ..

Clean your computer

I have a dirty secret. I\'ve never cleaned my computer. Sure, I\'ve dusted my monitor, but I haven\'t taken off the cover or tried to reach the crumbs lurking inside my keyboard. \"Your computer ..

Put your PC maintenance routine on autopilot

Most people do one of the following when their computer begins to slow down (besides get angry): Improve their computer by buying more memory. Decide to tweak their compu..

Adding pictures into Header/Footer in Excel

In MS excel header and footer option is used to display the repeated graphics or text on the top or button of each pages in a document.  You can insert a picture (company logo or ot..

Packaging your PowerPoint presentation to CD

In Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, you can copy a presentation on to CD with all its supporting materials using "Package for CD" option. With this feature, you can merge the whole p..

Previewing the Word documents without opening them

In Microsoft Word, you can preview the document list within Word without having to open the document. This tip is very useful, if you have many word files and are not sure which file contai..

Making Office 2007 files backward compatibile

By default all Microsoft Office 2007 applications use the different files extensions than the earlier versions. All earlier Office applications used the file extensions as .doc, .xls and..

Microsoft Outlook shortcut keys

Shortcut keys                             ..

How to password your Office documents

You can protect your document by applying password so that unauthorized person can not display as well as modify your document. You can apply two types of passwords: Password ..

Acrobat Reader shortcut keys

        Function keys                      &nb..

Insert your Digital Signature into Word Documents

Follow the given steps to insert your signature electronically in Word documents:  First of all scan your signature page and then save image using (.GIF or .JPEG) extension. Now you hav..

Tired of chasing your mouse? Use shortcuts

The mouse, one of the greatest advances in computing history, provides you with an intuitive point-and-click method for using your computer. Depending on the type of work you\'re doing, however, somet..

Top 10 most useful secrets in Office

#1: Format painter (Office) The Format Painter tool replicates the formatting from one part of a document to another. So instead of manually redoing all the formatting yourself, you can use the Forma..

Avoid a data disaster on the road: 5 tips

Reliable information can make or break your next trip, whether it\'s the ability to cultivate a business contact, ensure accurate company records or keep you safe. In other words, your PC data is p..

Create better documents using 2007 Office

The 2007 Microsoft Office system looks so different from earlier versions. Why would you want to take the time to relearn features that you already know and use daily? Well, you might be amazed at ho..

7 ways to organize your e-mail

With meetings and the general chaos of a normal work day, your e-mail Inbox can quickly get cluttered. An unorganized mailbox can make it difficult to find the e-mail you need and know where to get s..

4 reasons to synchronize your phone with your PC

Think about how much you do – or could do – with your phone: make phone calls and send and receive e-mail, IM, and text messages. You probably download TV shows, movies, and music to your ..

Save time with quick computer shortcuts

As a new mom, Rachel Brown is always looking for ways to save time. "When I have the chance to sit down at my computer, I need to get at what I\'m working on as quickly as possible," says Br..

How to Create and Send HTML Email

Until recently text-based email was the most popular way to communicate, however with the advent of HTML email you can now create and send beautiful graphics, create clickable links and use interactiv..

4 Ways to take control of you E-Mail Inbox

Do you have an effective way to process and organize your e-mail so that you can get to an empty Inbox on a routine basis? If you have lots of e-mail in your Inbox—we know people with as many as..

7 Tips to Manage Your Files Better

You work with documents, presentations, graphics, and other files all day—and chances are, you have a lot of them. And that means it takes time to find the documents you need. Even if it\'s just..