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business work on telephoneCATS suite of IT services for business includes the best access to top ISP and high speed VOIP services via our network of trusted phone service providers and Internet service providers in the industry, making it possible to help you establish a fully integrated and highly effective communications solutions system for your company. CATS team of expertly trained and highly reliable satellite providers, cable Internet providers cell phone service, and phone service professionals is ready to help you evaluate your business’s needs and work on your behalf to select the ISP and phone service provider that best matches your company’s size and communication needs. CATS will act as your single point of contact in selecting telephone providers throughout the entire process, making it simple and easy for you. We are experts on all types of voice and Internet communication services, including VOIP and wireless applications. Our extensive network of the best VOIP service providers, cable Internet providers, broadband and satellite providers affords us the opportunity to provide you with access to the most complete portfolio of telecommunications services in the country. With our main offices in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we are able to serve a wide range of companies across a broad service area with the highest degree of customer care and reliability. Let us help you select the best ISP and VOIP services provider from a list of qualified phone service providers and Internet service providers for a top-performing communications system that will integrate seamlessly, maximize your financial efficiency, and streamline your overall operation. For Internet and Phone Service Providers, Wireless, Broadband, High Speed, Cable Internet, Satellite, Voice Solutions and More

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We act as a master telecom agent on behalf of our clients.

With one proposal submission, we receive multiple bids from vendors. We then analyze those bids, considering our client’s particular requirements, and choose the best and most cost-effective provider.

If you are looking to install a traditional telephone system, we have a network of trusted voice service providers that we work with. They will install the specified equipment and lines, and we can help facilitate that process. We can also serve as a liaison with them for ongoing support.


We can help you get the following services at the most competitive rates:

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) – When you implement VOIP, you can completely avoid per-minute charges and experience better call quality. CATS will also analyze your network to ensure that it is robust enough to handle VOIP, before you make that investment.

Voice/T1 Lines – We can help you choose a point-to-point digital communications circuit that may be used for data or digitized voice.

Long distance and local – Allow us to cut through the clutter of long distance and local provider options. We will help you choose the provider that best meets your needs.

Phone systems and related services – Our team of communications experts will research and propose the right phone service provider, system, services, and voicemail solutions for you. We will work with the service provider to get it set up quickly and easily. Once they have installed the system, we can helptroubleshoot any issues that might arise.

Internet service – We will help you choose the best provider, making sure you have all the capabilities your business needs.

Teleconferencing – This is the perfect solution to help reduce your communications and travel costs, while boosting productivity. Let us guide you to the optimal provider and system for your company.

Wireless – Most businesses rely heavily on wireless devices. We will make sure your provider gives you the best possible coverage, products and services, all at a fantastic rate.


Ask CATS to help select the best voice and Internet service providers for your company, and strike another item off of your to-do list.

We save you money.

We get better pricing than you would on your own. Because of our relationships with vendors and the scope of our business, we receive wholesale rates. We know how to get the best service for the least cost, and can make sure that you don’t pay for extra services you don’t really need. Also, because we know how to choose the right vendor to fit your needs, then work with that vendor on your behalf to support your service, we’ll make sure you’re always spending your money wisely.

We save you time.

We handle the process of selecting voice and/or Internet providers for clients dozens and dozens of times each year. We know what questions to ask. We know how to effectively communicate your needs in a proposal so that we get the right vendors to respond. We know how to evaluate their bids to ensure you get the services that are best for your company. Then, as part of our Ultimate-Care service, we handle the ongoing support and act as liaison with the provider so you don’t have to.

We are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Because you are our client, we want to be sure you are completely satisfied with your voice and Internet service. It’s an integral part of your business, and our focus is always on supporting your success. If something isn’t working the way you want, or if you find that you need additional or different services, a phone call or email to us is all it takes. We will handle it right away.

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