Benefits of Managed Service Providers

August 8, 2018 2:22 pm

One of the biggest benefits of Managed Service Providers is the prevention of disasters before they even take place.  Here are some more important benefits to take into consideration when deciding whether using an MSP, such as CATS Technology Solutions Group, is the right decision for you.


  1. Cost Reduction – When maintaining a long-term partnership with an MSP, you will be able to keep your IT budget on track and save money in the long run. MSPs are able to help accomplish this by providing their extensive knowledge at a fixed monthly rate, so you can receive all the service you need at one rate.Benefits of MSPs
  2. System Centralization – MSPs are able to keep your network applications and servers in one single data center, which makes it easy for them to access it and keep an eye on it from anywhere they are. It also gives your employees and executives better access and increased speed, which allows you to work on the go and never skip a beat.
  3. High-level Support – The constant monitoring and managing of your system helps give you continually upgraded IT systems, which won’t cost you any extra money. Current IT systems at an affordable rate? That’s a great perk to have.
  4. Efficiency and Security – One requirement of MSPs is to follow stringent safety and data management regulations, as well as provide back-up and recovery services. This lets your data stay protected better than in-house IT teams can offer, as well as the ability to catch and address any concerns early on.
  5. Minimized Downtime – MSPs take on a proactive approach to tackle potential risks to your system, which relieves you from the responsibility of dealing with system failures and shutdowns. When these issues are taken care of, it can help keep company progress to running smoothly as your employees can focus solely on their work.
  6. Extended Relationship – Your MSP will become very familiar with your system and business over time, which will lead to quick and excellent service. Rather than having your staff shift their attention to IT related issues that may come up, your MSP will be able to thoroughly help you get back on your feet.

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