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Cloud Vs Local Storage

Feb 21 2019

Do you ever worry about how to keep your data safe and secure?  This is such an important part of a business, and deciding whether to store this data on the cloud or on-site is a very crucial decision to […] [Read More...]

Meet Mitchell Chernyakhovsky

Feb 18 2019

  Mitchell is a Technician at CATS Technology Solutions Group.  He was born in Brooklyn, NY, but spent his childhood growing up in Sayreville, NJ and Old Bridge, NJ.  He went on to study at DeVry University, where he received […] [Read More...]

Meet Anthony Tomasso

Feb 4 2019

Tony is an IT Consultant at CATS Technology Solutions Group.  He grew up close by to the CATS office, spending his childhood in Old Bridge, NJ.  Once finishing high school, he attended Brookdale Community College, where he received his Associate’s […] [Read More...]

Meet Patrick Cooney!

Jan 28 2019

  Patrick grew up in South Amboy, in the tallest house on the block.  He received training and a degree from Champion Karate Center.  His interest in IT was sparked later on, when CATS’ Senior Consultant, Sohail, suggested he get […] [Read More...]