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How To Stay Safe on Your Smartphone

Jan 20 2023

Over the years, cell phone usage has become more and more popular.  Since cell phones are typically with people 24/7, and can do many of the same functions as a computer, they have become very convenient for everyday tasks.  However, […] [Read More...]

The Importance of Employee Reporting

Jan 6 2023

Do you know the expression, “If you see something, say something?”  That expression applies to many different scenarios, including cybercrimes.  Insider threats are responsible for almost half of all data breaches, with an alarming 20% or so of them being […] [Read More...]

All About Recovery Scams

Dec 6 2022

It’s happened – you have been scammed! Now what?  Maybe you want to share your news so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.  Although it’s a nice thought, this can lead to another scam called a recovery scam.   How […] [Read More...]

Cyber Security Training Should Be a Priority

Nov 17 2022

Cyber Security awareness training is a great way to protect your business from Cyber-attacks.  It’s important for employees to understand what threats are out there and what they can do to protect their data from any malicious actions. There are […] [Read More...]

‘Tis the Season for Cyber Crimes

Nov 10 2022

Cyber-crimes happen all year, but it is during the holidays that they ramp up even more.  This is the time of year where people are more distracted and often too frazzled to realize that they are being targeted with a […] [Read More...]

The “Trick-or-Treating” of Cyber-Attacks

Oct 27 2022

The month of October brings two things: Cyber Security Awareness and Halloween.  Halloween is a spooky and scary time, just like Cyber Attacks!   The number one reason of cyber-attacks occurring continues to be due to human error.  Cyber criminals […] [Read More...]