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How to Tell if Your Computer is Hit with Malware

Jun 28 2022

Once your company is hit with a malware attack, it can take weeks to recover.  Not only that, but sometimes computers are hit with malware without even knowing! The longer the malware sits on your system undetected, the more damage […] [Read More...]

New Vulnerability Hits Microsoft Office

Jun 2 2022

As a partner with Huntress, and an IT company of course, we feel it is our duty to pass along any important information they share with us.  There is a Microsoft Office zero-day vulnerability out there, called “Follina,” that can […] [Read More...]

Cyber Attacks – How Often, Who & Why?

Apr 14 2022

As Cyber Attacks continue to rise, Cyber Security luckily has seen a big increase as well.  It’s no secret that Cyber Security is an essential part of your business and is needed to keep your systems safe and secure from […] [Read More...]