Cloud Migrations

What is Cloud Migration?
Cloud Migration is the process of moving digital business operations into the cloud.  It involves transferring data, applications, and IT processes from a company’s private server to a public cloud provider’s server.

Cloud Migration Benefits:

  • Cost Savings – The ability to optimize workloads leads to significant savings, since it costs less money to run them.
  • Flexibility – Organizations have the option to pay only for the cloud resources that they use on a regular basis.  They also have the option of a hybrid cloud, which lets you migrate some of your workload into the cloud while others can stay in the existing on-premises environment.
  • Enhanced Security – Many clouds have built-in security features and specialized cloud security tools, such as automatic security patches.  This helps make sure an organization’s resources are protected.
  • Backup and Recovery – Most cloud providers offering built-in, convenient backup and recovery capabilities.
  • Speed – Most cloud computing services are on demand, which means things can be done in just minutes.  This gives businesses a lot of flexibility and takes the pressure off capacity planning.

Cloud-Based Services:

  • Microsoft Azure – Designed to support applications that are scalable, reliable, and inexpensive to operate.  Azure Cloud Services lets you have more control over the virtual machines (VMs).
  • Microsoft Office 365 – Stream your Windows experience, including personalized apps, content and settings, in a secure way.
  • Microsoft Security – Safeguard your infrastructure across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Microsoft Sharepoint and OneDrive – Help organizations share and manage content, knowledge, and applications so information can be quickly found and communication is strong across an organization.


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