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CATS Technology Solutions Group will you save you money on your company’s IT costs instantly by offering the most affordable IT solutions and inexpensive IT outsourcing available. After reviewing your business, analyzing your IT environment and recommending ideal low cost IT support solutions for you, we will begin implementing the necessary changes to reduce your existing IT expenses by creating an economical IT plan.

Hiring CATS Information Technology Solutions Group as your single outsource provider of comprehensive, cheap integrated IT systems, IT support, services and maintenance means hiring a real Technology solutions team. Most low cost IT consultants and companies contain an IT staff that handles the typical technology needs of the organization, but those one or two people are not equipped to provide all necessary support alone. On the flip side, the team of outsourcing IT operations professionals at CATS Technology Solutions Group orchestrates all of your IT needs from one place.

Below is an example of expenses and time restrictions reduced or eliminated by hiring CATS Technology Solutions Group as your trusted technology advisor. For the sake of demonstration, our sample business is a small company with 18 employees, one of which is an IT professional, two servers and seven hours of phone support. Our numbers are estimates and actual costs will depend on your company’s size and your contract level with CATS Technology Solutions Group. We have offices in East Brunswick, New Jersey yet still have the ability to extend the most affordable IT solutions outsourcing services across a broad geographical range.

Utilizing In-House IT Person Working with CATS Technology Solutions Group
Annual salary for one low-end IT professional = $70,000 You don’t pay for just one IT person; you get an entire team of professionals working for you
Annual benefits package = $12,000 (assuming they have a family) There are no healthcare benefits costs
Annual 7% payroll tax & UBT tax = $5,740 You don’t pay any taxes
Annual 401K match = $2,500 There’s no need to match a 401K
Vacation/sick time Since you work with a team of professionals, one person’s sick or vacation time does not affect the state of your IT support
Individual service; would require hiring external backup support Comprehensive team service; no need to hire anyone else

As you can see, hiring CATS Technology Solutions Group as your single-source IT provider could save you approximately $62,240 annually. Hiring CATS Technology Solutions Group simply makes sense.

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