Computer Forensics Service in New Jersey


Computer ForensicsCATS Technology Solutions Group’s in-depth computer forensics services are imperative when attempting to access sensitive information stored digitally on devices such as PDAs, cell phones, digital cameras, hard drives, etc. We offer our computer forensics services to corporations and their general counsel, law firms, government agencies and regulators.

  1. E-Discovery

    – It is impossible for a computer’s operating system to view deleted data, such as Internet and email activity, files, documents, spreadsheets and digital images on a hard drive. Allow our E-Discovery processing to help you acquire this vital information when in need of important electronic evidence. Once it is collected successfully, the data is preserved through proven forensic processes to be sure that it remains in tact.

  2. Corporate Services

    – By assessing company policy related to computer usage and rewriting or recommending changes to the policy, our preventative services can help corporations avoid costly liabilities that could potentially come from lawsuits related to workplace privacy, email and Internet usage and file retention.

  3. Data Recovery

    – Work with our team of professionals to securely recover your lost data in a fast and reliable way so that your company can get up and running again as soon as possible.

  4. Incident Responses

    – As soon as you experience an electronic invasion of privacy, turn to our incident response services to uncover the details of the incident. We can also help you restore your system’s security and get things operating safely again.

System Failure/Failure Analysis – Today’s leading businesses rely on their computer systems to remain competitive and successful. So when your software malfunctions or your system fails, it can be both expensive and time-consuming for your business. Turn to our expert technicians to perform an analysis of software defects, system performance/functional testing and/or failure scope analysis.

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