Mobile Technology Service in New Jersey


Mobile Technology Solutions NJLet’s face it, mobile technology applications for business are vital to your overall performance, and CATS offers support with establishing the highest rated and most reliable wireless mobile technology and warehouse management systems available.

In today’s fast-paced business world, you need easy, immediate access to the Web, your network, and email no matter where you are. CATS can implement and support all kinds of leading-edge new mobile technology solutions for you to ensure that you and your employees stay connected and get work done, regardless of location.
We are experts on a variety of mobile devices, applications, advanced mobile technology solutions, including custom solutions and services, such as smartphones, WIFI, warehouse management systems, and mobile technology solutions.

Mobile Technology Solutions in New Jersey

We can also help you extend internal applications onto mobile devices, train your employees on using mobile technology, and see how the mobile technology can help you with inventory tracking as well as basic communications and online search applications.

We don’t believe help with using mobile technology should be complicated to find. We have offices in East Brunswick, New Jersey, giving us the ability to extend our mobile technology support and systems applications set up services to a wide range of clients.

Your company needs new mobile technology applications if you want to remain competitive and CATS offers a full range of services that will allow you to work with the best wireless mobile technology and warehouse management systems providers in the industry.

Warehouse Management Systems, Wireless Mobile Technology and Solutions for Smartphone, Treo, PDA, WIFI, Blackberry, Custom Mobile Technology Services and More



CATS can set up public or private WiFi networks, for your employees, customers, or vendors. We use top-of-the-line services to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections wherever you need them. We will also make sure that these networks are secure, preventing unauthorized access.

For hotels, CATS can set up hospitality WiFi networks. If you are charging customers for the service, we can either provide you with usage reports for billing purposes, or hook directly into your accounting software.


CATS can help you set up these devices to provide instant access to your email, calendar, and other important information while you’re on the go. Using an Enterprise server, we can provide you with real-time two-way data synchronization, so that when you update your Blackberry, your computer is instantly updated, and vice-versa.

Warehouse Management Systems

Our wireless systems can help you keep better track of your inventory. We utilize advanced technology such as barcode scanners, mobile computers, and handheld wireless units to extend the reach of your inventory management applications. This gives you greater control over your operations and allows you to know where your products are at all times.

Custom Applications

If you want instant access to your internal applications when you’re out of the office, we can extend them to mobile devices. We specialize in writing custom code formatted for today’s advanced cell phones and wireless products.


Increased productivity

When you and your employees can access important documents and internal applications from anywhere, productivity skyrockets. You can get things done in seconds that used to take days. Best of all, you’re no longer tied to your desk or even your city. Mobile technology gives you the ability to send an email or make changes to a document from your laptop while talking to a client on your cell phone all during your morning train ride or the lunch break at your out-of-town conference. You can handle business on the move, making each minute of your day count.

Increased communications effectiveness

Mobile technology means your customers can reach you at any time, and you can reach your employees at any time. You don’t have to be in the office to hold a conference call or get something taken care of. Being so accessible and responsive will give your clients peace of mind, which gives you peace of mind.

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