Online Marketing Service in New Jersey


Online Marketing Services New Jersey

In order to increase your company’s online visibility and attract new viewers to your site, CATS Technology Solutions Group will work with you to manage your online reputation and create prime business solutions for your organization.

  1. Strategic Planning & Consulting

    – Weunderstand that effective marketing and promotion efforts lead to success for any business. That is why we offer our clients strategic planning and consulting, coupled with comprehensive online marketing tools.

  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    – SEO is one of the very best ways to enhance your Website’s traffic and profits. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, encompasses efforts to improve how easily a Website is able to be found through natural search engine results. Work with our team of professionals to establish a SEO campaign that accomplishes your company’s goals.

  3. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

    – SEMworks to promote Websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages, or SERPs, through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising paid inclusion. Our certified professionals can help you implement effective Search Engine Marketing efforts that generate results for your business’ Website.

  4. SMO (Social Media Optimization)

    – SMO, or Social Media Optimization, generates publicity for a site using online social media outlets like community Websites, social networking groups, blogs, etc. In turn, SMO efforts produce superior organic search results for your organization, and help with your company’s branding strategy by managing your online reputation.

  5. Email Marketing

    – Allow our online marketing professionals to help your organization create email marketing campaigns that are carefully constructed to identify with your target audience and stand out from the other emails being sent to your customers.

  6. Reputation Management

    – enables businesses to monitor and protect their online image by implementing strategic profiling methods that make negative search results virtually impossible to find. Take a proactive approach to maintaining your online image by enlisting the help of our qualified reputation management professionals.

  7. Online Encyclopedia Entries

    – Online Encyclopedia Entries have become a cost-effective way of marketing your business as a credible source of information, and can serve as a valuable component of a larger, comprehensive marketing campaign strategy. Our team can help you get published in online encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia and the new Google Knol.

  8. Business Solutions & Assessment

    – Our approach to business solutions and assessments uncovers information that builds a consensus on your marketing mission, brand positioning, creative strategy and online marketing efforts. By first aligning online efforts with your strategic business goals, we can begin our online marketing initiatives with a clear and attainable goal in mind.

  9. Website Conversion Optimization

    – Conversion optimization involves structuring your Website to be as user-friendly as possible so that visitors effortlessly become customers. In order to increase your conversions, we will help you first discover what the ultimate goal of your Website is. From there, we will make the necessary changes to improve your online visitor experience.

  10. Traditional Marketing & Public Relations

    – Our teams’ traditional marketing and public relations services identify unique, but traditional ways to market your organization. These methods employ traditional tools that include corporate branding, graphic design, event planning, public relations, videography and photography to enhance your marketability and capitalize on your business potential, regardless of the target audience or industry.

  11. Business Writing

    – Our professional business writers will help you to streamline your message and influence your readers thanks to our speedy and reliable business writing services. We are capable of delivering straightforward, effective solutions for powerful business writing.

  12. PowerPoint Presentations

    – Something as simple as a PowerPoint presentation can say a whole lot about your organization. Our professionally-designed PowerPoint presentations are constructed to clearly and effectively communicate your message for everything from corporate presentations and annual meetings to sales pitches/proposals and tradeshows.

  13. Online Public Relations

    – In today’s business environment, the Internet has proven time and again to hold more weight among consumers than traditional media outlets of the past. Allow our team of public relations practitioners to creatively position your company and your brand through a variety of social media methods such as blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, online communities, user-created news sites, and more.

  14. Google Analytics/Website Traffic Analysis

    – Work with our team to explore the valuable Google Analytics tool, which analyzes a Website’s traffic to help determine how users navigate and utilize a site. Google Analytics can expose the results of online marketing initiatives and guide your business in making decisions that can greatly improve conversions and profits.

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