Lizette Fallon

Wellspring Center for Prevention
August 17, 2020 3:34 pm

This review has long been overdue but I just wanted to share my thoughts about my recent CATS experience. When our office and about 75% of East Brunswick lost power for almost 3 days, I felt like I was the only one who went into panic mode. Even during the pandemic when the offices were closed, I still came into work almost every day. My job is difficult to do remotely and I have to use Quickbooks for everything I do. So when our server was inaccessible, I fell behind and wasn’t able to close out the month of July. Feeling anxious, I reached out to CATS to see how they could help. Andrew came up with a very quick solution and figured out a work around by temporarily installing our server in the CATS office since they had power. Tony then took over and was able to get the QB company files that I needed off the server and transferred them to my work laptop at home. He was so patient and responsive and made sure that I was up and running when the transfer was complete. Anytime Tony gets involved, he always goes the extra mile to get the problem solved. He is reliable, polite, professional and so pleasant to deal with. The “share point” access that he created on my laptop was super helpful. I know I called him on his cell so many times to ask him for folders or files that I needed to work with and he always came through for me. Thank you to everyone on the CATS team for their constant support and expertise, we could not survive without you guys!


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