Guardian Monitoring Service in New Jersey


Guardian Monitoring Service New Jersey

We keep your systems in top shape with constant, around-the-clock monitoring of desktops, servers, networks, VPN/WAN links, Websites, email everything you count on to run your business. Our leading edge program, The Guardian, proactively notifies us of any abnormalities on your server, network or operating system so that we can correct them before they impact performance. And, through a password-protected login, you can view the status of your entire network at a glance, in real time, any time you wish. View monitoring data, events, and reports without having to wait.


Predicting and preventing system failures is vital to reducing your repair costs and avoiding any interruption in your business operations. Our expert team, led by your personal Lead Technician, continually monitors your equipment and network to keep them up and running at maximum efficiency.

At our Network Operations Center, CATS professionals use advanced software that we install on your server to check the status of a variety of indicators. This software is a very small piece of code that barely registers on your system’s Task Manager in terms of memory usage and processor load, never interferes with any other program or network performance, and uses only small amounts of bandwidth. If an issue arises anywhere on your system, we receive an instant email or SMS alert. Alerts contain a short, accurate message that informs us of the exact cause of the problem, so we can fix it fast.

Each month (or more or less frequently, as you request), we will provide you with a detailed report that gives a complete overview of activity backup success, viruses fended off, disk usage, abnormal errors, etc. This report will provide valuable information that can be used to plan ahead for any necessary changes, such as upgrading your network before you run out of capacity. You can also login at any time to review current and past system data.


Through CATS Technology Solutions Group’s proactive monitoring and alerting systems, we hope to limit the number of IT problems for our clients, therefore eliminating system downtime and saving you money. The Guardian is a unique service offered by CATS that offers our clients the following:

Server monitoring:

  • Antivirus update status
  • Backup success
  • Disk space usage
  • File and folder size
  • Drive space change
  • Hacker alert
  • Physical disk health

Performance monitoring:

  • Gives early notice of emerging outages, so we have time to fine-tune or plan upgrades

Network monitoring:

  • Network device connectivity
  • TCP Service monitoring

Network security:

  • Ensure backups have been successful
  • Check that AV software is up to date
  • Instant alerts of any malicious activity.

Website monitoring:

  • Make sure the Web server is available and running
  • Make sure the Website is live
  • Make sure Web pages are delivering the expected content
  • Make sure links work

Alerting and viewing:

  • Instant alerts so issues can be solved as soon as they occur
  • Real-time viewing of all systems at one glance
  • Client portal so you can see what we see

Regulatory compliance:

  • Our technical experts can guide you and your business through the regulatory process so you can be confident your organization is running properly. We’ll help identify compliance needs, review policies and procedures, and implement the necessary changes so that your business is in full compliance.

Email monitoring:

  • Reduce mail server outages and maximize uptime
  • Monitor performance to spot and fix minor problems before they disrupt service
  • Check specifics such as mail store size and public folder size

Database monitoring

Application monitoring

Service monitoring

Asset tracking:

  • View configuration information
  • Prepare comprehensive inventory reports and asset change reports
  • Track software license compliance
  • Audit software and hardware changes and confirm expected state is actual state

Workstation monitoring this can be done at any time, with minimal impact on the user or the machine:

  • Event log checks
  • Antivirus update checks
  • Drive space change check
  • Disk health check
  • Hacker check
  • Windows service check
  • SNMP check/ RAID array

Patch management:

  • Ensures that all system software is at the latest version, reducing risk of security breaches and knock-on effects of unplanned remedial work.


  • Monthly reports show you key metrics such as backup success, virus activity, disk usage, and abnormal errors, giving you the information you need for successful capacity planning

Remote support solutions:

  • Workstation remote support
  • Remote server management


Reduced System Downtime
Our IT experts stay on top of things to keep your system up and running.

Reduced IT Expenditures
Predicting and preventing system failures is the key to reducing your repair and operation costs and preventing the negative financial effects of business interruption. Let The Guardian save you money and time.

System Optimization
We’ll make sure that your applications run as fast and as smoothly as possible and that your system has as much horsepower as it needs, so you can get your business done in record time.

Peace of Mind
Let us worry about your IT systems so you don’t have to. With The Guardian watching over everything 24/7, you can finally relax.

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