Network Switch Management and Reporting

Network Switch Management is the process of configuring, monitoring, and managing the switches on a Network.  Network devices, such as switches, need to be configured and in sync with an organization’s Network in order to perform to its expected abilities.  Without Network Switch Management, there is no way to tell that the Switches in your Network are healthy and running smoothly, which is essential for your business’s daily function.

Managed vs. Unmanaged Switches
A Switch, in general, is the connection between different devices on the same Network.  Switches are what allow the devices to communicate and work with each other.

The key differences between Managed Switches and Unmanaged Switches:

  1. Control and performance
  2. Features
  3. Cost
  4. Security

Managed Switches are Switches that are tailored more closely to your network.  They allow you to have more control over your Network, which leads to more security and higher availability and quality of service for network users.  They have the ability to stop network loops and other attacks that can spread on your network, such as ransomware.  Managed Switches also include many more features, such as bandwidth rate limiting, VLAN support and port mirroring.

Unmanaged Switches have no concept of virtual LANs, which means all devices belong on the same broadcast domain.  These Switches are considered plug-and-play, very simple to use and inexpensive.  They don’t require any type of configuration, management or monitoring.

You Can Expect CATS Technology to:

  • Prevent, Detect and Resolve – Your Network will be monitored on a constant basis to ensure it is performing to its ability.  Traffic analysis tools will help determine if any issues arise, in which case you will be alerted immediately. Reporting and analyzing are used to identify patterns and if any long-term changes are needed.
  • Help You Be Aware of What’s on Your Network – You will be able to keep track of all your connected devices, see how your network is configured and if any changes are made.

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