FBI Issues Warning of COVID-19 Scams

March 25, 2020 9:32 am

As if the threat of Coronavirus to your health isn’t enough to have to worry about, now you have the added on stress of dealing with cyber threats. Don’t get me wrong, cyber threats are always around and something that constantly needs to be battled against. However, knowing that cyber criminals are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic as a way to scam others is leaving many even more worried and uneasy.

The FBI has issued a warning particularly in the following states: New York, California and Washington. Why do these three states face the biggest threats? It is because these are the locations that have unusually high rates of the COVID-19 infection. The risk of cyber-attacks increases the more the COVID-19 infection spreads.

Key Highlights to Keep in Mind:

–  Majority of the coronavirus-related cyber-attacks against the United States are coming from cybercriminals in other countries.

–  Expect to receive phishing emails, as well as text messages, asking you to sign into a specific account.

–  Cyber-attacks have been mainly targeting those who are working remotely.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of cyber criminals out there that will continue to attack regardless of what is going on in the world. It’s important to stay on alert, especially during this trying time. CATS Technology Solutions Group’s team of Certified Cyber Experts are well aware and prepared for these cyber threats. If anything seems suspicious, don’t hesitate to reach out so you can get immediate assistance: 732-204-7100.

Remember, CATS Technology Solutions Group is always here for you.

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