FBI Sends Warning for Cyber Attacks

October 28, 2019 4:27 pm

Threat Level: 2

When the FBI issues a Cyber Attack warning, you know it has to be serious. On October 2, the FBI issued a warning to businesses and organizations in the United States, due to the ongoing cyber threats that have been at an all-time high lately. In addition to state governments, local governments and schools, the FBI extended their warning to health care organizations, industrial companies, and the transportation sector, notifying them that they are at risk of being targeted. Although the number of ransomware campaigns has declined significantly, the losses from ransomware has increased, due to the attacks becoming more targeted and sophisticated.

It’s known that cyber criminals are experts at avoiding detection, but there are still three common techniques to look for: email phishing campaigns, remote desktop protocol vulnerabilities and software vulnerabilities. In order to stay as protected as possible, it is crucial that all security patches are in effect, as well as data being backed up on a regular basis.

If you do fall victim to a Cyber Attack, you may find yourself in the midst of a ransom payment demand. This is a common outcome, and although it may seem like an obvious solution, the FBI warns against this. Why though? Why wouldn’t you pay the ransom and protect your business from any further disruptions and financial losses? The thought is, even if you do pay the ransom, there isn’t a guarantee that your data will be unlocked.

There are other ways to outsmart the hackers and not give in to their demand for money. As stated in Forbes Magazine, when the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts was affected by a ransomware attack in July, they were facing a $5.3 million ransom. Instead of paying it, they used delaying tactics against the attacker and had their systems rebuilt in order to get their data back.

Whether a Cyber Attack is big or small, or a ransom has been paid or not, it should always be reported. Let’s hold these attackers accountable!

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