Hackers Able to Access Google Accounts Without Password

January 19, 2024 10:52 am

There is a new hack that security researchers just found out about that involves Google accounts.  Cyber criminals are now able to gain access to Google accounts without even needing a password. They found there is a dangerous form of malware that uses third-party cookies to gain unauthorized access to people’s private data.

Google authentication cookies let users access their accounts without having to enter in their login details every time.  However, hackers found a way to retrieve these cookies and bypass the two-factor authentication.  The Google Chrome browser, which is a widely used browser, is in the process of tightening up on third-party cookies.

The dangerous part of this threat is even if a password is reset, the hackers can still continue to have access to Google services.  It needs continuous monitoring of both the technical vulnerabilities and human intelligence sources in order to stay in front of any of the cyber threats that come up.

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