Medical Records Exposed in Data Breach

October 23, 2023 12:14 pm

The Virginia-based healthcare company, Fairfax, revealed that their systems were infiltrated by a threat actor back in May.  Due to this data breach, the number of victims affected nationwide is 235, 931.  The data that was exposed includes names, driver’s licenses, social security numbers and health insurance and medical history details.


Although Fairfax claims there is no evidence that the exposed data has been used for these purposes, they do say that all of their clients may be at risk.  Cyber criminals use this type of information to leverage other crimes, such as identity theft and online fraud.


Fairfax has reached out to all of their affected customers to inform them of the breach and which of their information could be at risk.  They have also offered a year’s free identity protection services to all affected customers.  For the future, Fairfax says they have taken steps to reduce the risk of this type of incident by enhancing their technical security measures.

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