Messaging Service Involved in Data Breach

May 25, 2023 12:53 pm

Discord is an instant messaging and call platform geared primarily toward gamers, although it has branched out to other communities and groups.  It currently has a large following, about 150 million monthly active users.


Recently, Discord informed its users of a data breach that resulted from a third-party customer service agent’s support ticket queue.  They warned that there is the possibility that the customer’s email address, customer service messages, and any attachments sent to Discord may have been exposed to the third party.


According to Discord, the compromised account was deactivated and the affected device was checked for malware.  The company also reached out to its customer service partner to prevent a similar situation like this happening again.  Although the level of risk to its users are minimal, it’s still important to be alert for any suspicious messages or activities that may take place, such as phishing attempts or fraud.


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