New Year; Time for a New Password?

December 28, 2018 12:43 pm

New Year; Time for a New Password?


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            When you have multiple accounts and need to think up multiple passwords, it can become difficult to create ones that are not only easy to remember, but also strong enough so your accounts don’t get hacked. 


Every year, SplashData sends out an annual list that reveals the most commonly used passwords.  They evaluated over 5 million passwords that have been leaked online over the last year.  You may be wondering, what are the two most popular passwords?  “Password” and “123456” continue to take the two top spots for the fifth year in a row.  A random assortment of numbers seems to be a very common password, as they were listed in the next top five spots.  Although there were a lot of repeats on the list from the previous year, there were also new ones. 


            When choosing a password, it’s important to refrain from using any form of your name.  According to Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData, hackers succeed the most when using celebrity names and terms from pop culture and sports.  Since hackers know many people use easy-to-remember combinations when creating their password, they are able to easily figure out these simple keyboard patterns and break into online accounts.


            SplashData hopes that by releasing this list every year, people will begin to realize how dangerous it is to not protect yourself online.  Although a strong password alone isn’t a guarantee that you will definitely not be a victim to your password being stolen, it is a very crucial factor.  Hopefully, people will begin to take these hacks seriously and stop putting themselves at risk every year.



Visit the article for the full list of 2018’s dangerous passwords:


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