Password Reveal for Instagram and Facebook Users

April 8, 2019 10:26 am

Threat Level: 4


Take a moment and think about everything that you have on your Facebook and Instagram pages.  Many people use these pages as a way to share their everyday life, including pictures of their families, friends, and life events.  If a stranger gained access to your account, snooping around on your personal page, how devastated would you be?  Unfortunately, both Facebook and Instagram are coming under fire for exposing millions of user’s private passwords.


It all started when an anonymous source, claiming to be one of the 36,000 employees Facebook has worldwide, revealed that the passwords of hundreds of millions of people have been in the company’s server for months.  They discovered they are being held in a searchable, non-encrypted text format within the social network’s internal data storage system.  This means that about half of Facebook’s employees have had clear and open access to them.


Luckily, this glitch will not affect all Facebook users, but will affect about one quarter of the company’s users with the majority being Facebook Lite users, according to a media outlet called Krebs on Security.  For those who don’t know, Facebook Lite is designed for users of low-power Android devices or devices that have a limited internet connection.  It allows users the option to use a lighter version of the Facebook app.


In Facebook’s official statement, they stated that they would notify the hundreds and millions of Facebook and Instagram users about possibly being affected by the breach.  Now that Facebook has fixed the issue, and reached out to those who were directly affected, they highly recommend all users to change their passwords on both Facebook and Instagram.  Since there is no evidence that any of the passwords that were exposed have been abused, it will not be mandatory for users to change their passwords.


As a friendly reminder, it is always a good and safe habit to not use the same password across multiple services.  It is also a good idea to change them every few months.  This will highly decrease your chances of being exposed to any possible data exposures or threats to your own personal accounts, so you can continue to post and share without a worry!

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