PlayStation Hackers Force Users

October 22, 2018 11:27 am

Threat Level: 3 

            After a long day of work, what do you like to do to relax once you get home?  If you enjoy turning on your PlayStation and getting an hour or so of playing time in, you are not alone.  Sony announced that its online PlayStation Network had 70 million monthly active users, as of 2017.  For those millions of users, you could imagine that the most recent hack that took place last week caused a wave of frustration among all of them.

This hack starts as a private message that contains characters, which forces players to factory reset their consoles.  The message doesn’t even have to be opened for it to cause a threat, just receiving the notification can be enough to force the reset, which is the only option to get it to work again.  Many users even noticed that deleting the message from the mobile app didn’t work either.

A few days after the hack started making its rounds and sending users into a crash loop, Sony issued a response to VG247, which is a video game blog.  They said they were aware of the issue a fix was coming in the form of a system software update.  The next day, the Sony kept true to its word and the issue was resolved.

Although the issue has been resolved, it is still important to take the necessary steps so that you don’t find yourself in a situation like this.  It was found that users who had their messages set private didn’t come across this threat.  If you don’t have your messages set on the private option and would like to, which is highly recommended, follow these instructions:

[First go into Settings, then Account Management, then Privacy Settings. Next, enter your password. Then Personal Info | Messaging, and set Messages to either Friends or No One].

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