The FaceTime Eavesdropper

February 11, 2019 10:52 am

The FaceTime Eavesdropper

Threat Level: 4


FaceTime continues to be one of the most popular video chats available today, and why wouldn’t it be?  It’s convenient, easy to use, and is readily available on your Apple device for your use.  Not only that, but there’s something exciting about having a conversation with someone “face to face” over the phone.


As many loyal FaceTime users may know by now, the app experienced an ‘eavesdropping’ bug that took effect last week.  The bug lets iPhone users hear audio, and sometimes video, from others even if they don’t answer the call.  This was first brought to Apple’s attention last week when a 14-year-old, Grant Thompson, was setting up a Fortnite FaceTime Group chat with his friends, and he discovered the bug.


In response, Apple promised to release a software update shortly after the bug was discovered, so it could be fixed.  However, Apple then back tracked and delayed the software update, saying it will be released this week instead.  Due to this delay, and the initial lack of response to Grant’s discovery, Apple has been under fire.  They are now even facing legal action over it, from a lawyer who claims that the glitch allowed people to listen in on a call when he was taking a sworn testimony from one of his clients.


Now that the Group FaceTime security bug has been fixed, and a software update will be released shortly after, Apple is hoping to keep their customers’ trust in them.  In response to everything, Apple issued a public apology with a promise to continue to improve the process within their company when issues like this arise.  It seems like Apple has learned their lesson and any future threats will be taken care of in a quickly and effective manner.  We at least hope so because, let’s face it, no one wants their security compromised.


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