Ransomware Protection (The Pro-Active Way)

Have You Become a Victim of Ransomware?

The warning signs to look for:

  • Abnormal Popups on Desktop: Since hackers try to impersonate what would be a legitimate program, such as an antivirus app or warranty notice, if you receive anything like this out of the ordinary it could mean your computer is infected.
  • Crashing of Applications: Applications should not just crash for no reason. If you begin experiencing this, and a need to restart your computer, this usually means a virus or other malicious code ispresent.
  • Ransom Notes: If you receive a note or email in your folders or onyour desktop demanding payment, don’t pay it!
  • Corrupted Files: If you see a file is corrupted or renamed, this could be a sign something is wrong.
  • Reboots Without Warning: If you are forced to reboot without warning, not only can you lose anything you are working on but this could also be the malware corrupting files which is forcing your system to reboot.
  • Home Browser is Redirected: If you open your browser and it directs you to a different home page than you normally would have, there’s a good chance you have been infected with malware. This is a common ploy of certain types of malware and you need to act fast to get the malware removed.


Why Choose CATS Technology?

  • Available 24/7: Our technicians are standing by to assist whenever you need it – just give us a call.
  • Fast Removal: When your company is hit with a ransomware attack, acting fast is essential.  In most cases, we can figure out the issue and solve it within just a few hours.
  • File Recovery: Trying to solve the problem yourself could lead to loss of your files and data.  Leave it up to us – we are pros at this!
  • Experts at Ransomware Removal: We have a team of Certified Cyber Security technicians who are extremely knowledgeable and experiences when it comes to Ransomware.
  • Proactive Monitoring: We have tools that are designed to detect dangerous activity prior to an attack happening.  All suspicious activity is reviewed and verified as a threat before sending an alert.


Our Partners

Since we are partnered with multiple Managed Security Platforms, we are able to use advanced tools to protect users the best way possible.

Huntress provides threat detection and breach detection based on the footholds each threat maintains within the workstation.  Managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities will protect your business from today’s cyber criminals, with security incidents responded to quickly and effectively.  This includes 24/7 threat hunting, the reviewing of all suspicious activity, and quick and simple remediation.


Malwarebytes protects your devices and personal information from threats with advanced anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-spyware. It catches threats on 40% of devices that already have a traditional anti-virus installed.  Not only can Malwarebytes clean up an already infected computer, but can also protect across multiple devices, 24/7, with a customizable scan schedule.


If you are in need of Ransomware Recovery, or Cyber Security Services, call us (732-204-7100) or email us (support@catstechnology.com).

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