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Technology in the Sports Industry

Nov 20 2023

Technology has transformed the sports industry and enhanced the experience for athletes, fans and stakeholders.   Here are ways Technology continues to change the world of sports:   Viewer Experience Broadcasting: High-definition broadcasts, instant replays and advancements in camera technology […] [Read More...]

Is AI Reliable?

Jul 13 2023

If you’ve read our last blog “What is AI?”, you should have a fair understanding of what AI is and the impact it has on businesses today.  Due to the potential risks of AI, many businesses are reluctant to adapt […] [Read More...]

What is AI?

Jun 28 2023

AI – Many people know what it is, but not too many understand the impact it is having on businesses. So, let’s start from the top.   What is AI?  AI, which stands for Artificial Intelligence, is the theory and […] [Read More...]