CATS Technology Gets into the Halloween Spirit by Hosting First Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest

November 2, 2018 1:44 pm

This year, CATS Technology Solutions Group decided to host their First Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest, that took place right in their East Brunswick office.  Anything that involves the holidays and an opportunity to do a team bonding activity, the employees at CATS Technology are all in.


We had a great turn out of 8 pumpkins that were all very different from each other, as well as all equally creative.  However, due to votes from our clients and social media followers, we were able to determine a winner!!! But before we get to that, below is a quick summary of each team’s entry:


– Team Gonchar was able to transform their pumpkin into a gumball machine by using an upside down flower pot and a lot (I mean, a lot) of gumballs.  What an imagination!

– Team Sparkle kept true to its name by decorating their pumpkin in purple glitter, black spiders and bows, and adding the touch of the “CATS” name spelled out in beads.  It had an amazing Halloween theme!

– Pumpkin Mommas cut their pumpkin in half and stuffed it with artificial pickles, tomatoes and lettuce, as it lay on a whopper wrapper bed.  It was the perfect pumpkin burger, with a side of fries, too!

– The Gourding brought a childhood character to life, by turning their pumpkin into cookie monster.  A huge mouth was carved out and filled with what else, but cookies of course!!

– Jack “O” Lantern used the sharp pumpkin stem as an important feature for their witch pumpkin – her nose.  She was put together with green paint, gray yarn hair, and of course, a witch’s hat!

– Pumpkin Punters saw an opportunity to use their IT skills and build a very technical pumpkin, something that definitely fits in around the CATS office.  One side was carved into a face, while the other side had a screen hooked up, shining through the pumpkin.  And we can’t forget the pumpkin seed keyboard as well!

– The Scuba Squad very meticulously carved out a Halloween themed pumpkin, and gave the ghost spooky red eyes and a nice warm glow.  You have got to see this one in the dark to really appreciate the hard work and craftsmanship!

– Team Chub decided to bring the CATS office to their pumpkin.  Inside the pumpkin was a Lego office scene, complete with technicians, computers, and even a water cooler.  The details in this one are incredible!


And now, without further ado, the winner of this year’s First Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest is….



Sammy G


CATS Technology 2018 Pumpkin Decoration Contest


Thank you to everyone who voted and made this such a successful event!  We already can’t wait until next year!


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