CATS Technology featured in client, St. Patrick’s Cathedral’s, Magazine, Cathedra

January 30, 2020 12:12 pm

St. Pat's Cathedral, CATS TechnologySt. Pat's Cathedra, CATS TechnologySt. Patrick’s Cathedral, also known as “America’s Parish Church,” welcomes 5 million visitors each year. Between the visitors who physically walk into the Cathedral, and those who watch the broadcast on television or the internet, technology plays a large role in keeping the day-to-day operations at St. Patrick’s running smoothly. So, who is the team behind the scenes, taking on this role to make sure everything is up to date and taken care of? Enter CATS Technology Solutions Group.
CATS Technology has taken many steps and put in a lot of hard work to help St. Patrick’s Cathedral transform into the technology savvy church that they have become today.



St. Pat's Cathedral, CATS Technology
St. Pat's Cathedra, CATS Technology
The technicians at CATS Technology Solutions Group consider doing the behind the scenes work for St. Patrick’s Cathedral an amazing opportunity. To be able to bring today’s technology into such a historic building is a fulfilling accomplishment. The hard work and dedication that CATS Technology brings on a daily basis is what makes it all possible!

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