HIPAA Breach Fines are on the Rise – Are You Compliant?

HIPAA Compliance
May 15, 2019 12:07 pm

            Just how important is being HIPAA Compliant?  If you are in the medical field, you know it is not only very important, but also mandatory for almost all healthcare organizations.  HIPAA fines are on the rise, and don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, with more and more data breaches occurring each year.  2018 was an all-time record year for HIPAA violations and fines, with a total of about $28.7 million.  Most recently, it was found that the majority of patient records were breached from the hacking of network servers or emails.

According to HIPAA guidelines, all health data that is created, stored, maintained, or transmitted must be kept secure at all times.  If confidential information is not secured properly and any medical organizations fail to comply with the HIPAA rules and regulations, then they will be faced with financial penalties and potentially civil suits.  Depending on the severity of the HIPAA violation will determine how strong the penalty issued will be.  Since HIPAA violations can also lead to HIPAA lawsuits, this makes the consequence of a data breach much more severe.

If you are in a medical related field, does your organization meet HIPAA Compliance regulations?  If not, you can rest easy knowing that CATS Technology Solutions Group has many technicians who are certified and have the ability to make sure you meet HIPAA Compliance year after year.

Here’s a breakdown of the process CATS Technology will take to make sure you are secure and protected.

  • CATS will start by conducting a security risk assessment, where the client can view their security and network risks.
  • CATS will then implement a remediation plan and work with the client to minimize risk and meet HIPAA regulations.
  • CATS will continue to run network and security scans to provide quarterly reports and work with the client to verify that they stay in compliance.

CATS Technology Solutions Group understands that achieving HIPAA compliance isn’t always an easy task, but will be able to assist you from start to finish so it is a smooth and easy process!

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