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IT Consultants NJOur IT consultants can help you understand how to effectively protect your business by identifying your organization’s IT strengths and weaknesses. For a complete assessment of all your business systems, turn to our team of seasoned IT consulting and IT support professionals, and let our Technology Consultants show you how to enhance your network for maximum efficiency.


  1. Assessment Services – We vow to offer you a comprehensive analysis of your firms technology needs by first accessing your current business plan and network system, network management goals, and create a strategy for monitoring its effectiveness. As one of the most experienced information technology and IT companies in business, our IT consulting services and IT specialist will carefully assess everything from application deployment to your telecommunications expenditures to provide you with the most effective strategy consulting and network assessment and network support plan possible.
  2. Recommend – Our vast technology experience and familiarity with industry trends gives us the ability to fully understand the varied IT and computer needs of both small and large businesses, which in turn allows us the ability to recommend and provide the very best IT solutions and business plan for each client.
  3. IT Budgets – Our professional technology experts have experience working with clients who have limited IT budgets, so they know exactly what tools to recommend and implement to help you accomplish your IT goals without breaking the bank. We also work from our four locations in New Jersey, New York, Dallas TX and Los Angeles CA, affording us to provide a wide range of IT consultancy services across a broad area.
  4. Staff Augmentation – We are capable of filling in the holes among your existing IT staff through expert staffing or by supplementing your missing, yet necessary skills.
  5. Training – Our dedicated team of IT consulting professionals will gladly provide training for your internal IT department on the vital skills and technologies needed to successfully run your business.
  6. Client Social Services Tracker (CSST) – We can provide your organization with a customized CSST program. Specially created for community action, non-profit and health/human services agencies, CSST is easy to operate and uses real workflows to address the daily needs of any organization. It is built with a modular method that allows organizations to purchase only the components required for their operations.

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