4 Cybersecurity Myths that Should Be Forgotten

4 Cybersecurity Myths that Should Be Forgotten
July 15, 2020 9:35 am

The important role cybersecurity plays in any organization isn’t anything new. These warnings have been around for years; secure your data, protect your systems. Unfortunately, there are still major security breaches that occur that could have possibly been avoided if a proper cybersecurity plan was put into place.

The fact is, many people believe something like this won’t happen to them. There are many myths surrounding cybersecurity that can affect your overall view on how important cybersecurity is, and how serious data breaches can be without it. Here are 4 cybersecurity myths that should be forgotten:

  1. Cybersecurity is only your IT company’s responsibility – A study found that many security incidents that took place in organizations were due to an action their employees unintentionally did. Although cybersecurity may not be everyone’s expertise, it is still important that employees are educated on the topic.
  2. Only large corporations are targeted – Many small business owners believe that their company is off a cybercriminal’s radar. However, typically small to medium sized businesses are attacked more frequently compared to large corporations. Due to this mindset, if a smaller company does fall victim to a security breach, they usually don’t know how to successfully recover.
  3. A good password is all you need – Having a strong password is extremely important; However, it is not the only effective way to keep your data protected. Since hackers can crack through a password, enabling a multi-factor authentication is a must. Actively monitoring your systems is also equally important (something the Technicians at CATS Technology Solutions Group are experts in).
  4. You will know immediately when your computer is affected – It is not always an instant discovery. It can take months to realize you are a victim of a security breach, at which point you can be in a deep hole that will be tough to dig yourself out of.

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