7 Ways to Secure Your Printer

Did you know Cybercriminals can steal personal information straight from your printer?  Many people don’t think to secure their printer(s), but printers see and store a lot of confidential information.


Here are 7 ways you can secure your printer:

  1. Install Malware Updates – All Malware protection should be up to date and able to handle any type of hack.
  2. Configure Printer Correctly – Always change the default password to something more secure and never print from a “Guest” network when printing remotely.
  3. Limit Access to the Network – Set the network settings to only allow the printer to take jobs from a trust worthy network.
  4. Install a Firewall – Using a reliable firewall can help protect your printer from cybercriminals.
  5. Keep Printer Updated Update your printer regularly (every quarter). This will add more protection and fix bugs your device may have.
  6. Encrypt Your Storage – If your printer doesn’t already have this built in, it’s important to encrypt sensitive data on your printer’s hard drive as well as all print jobs.
  7. Inspect Print Trays – Never leave documents with sensitive information on your print trays. It’s always a good idea to get a paper shredder for important documents you no longer need.


As always, CATS Technology Solutions Group is here to assist you with any IT needs, including keeping your systems secure!

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