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Your staff are probably among the best customer service people that she’s dealt with in comparison to other IT reps that she’s used in the past.

We have an experienced CSR that is new to Liberty. This morning, she called CATS to have them help her gain access to the Terminal Server. She’s had to contact CATS a few times since starting and she told me that she felt that everyone that she has dealt with at CATS has been extremely helpful and that she believed that your staff are probably among the best customer service people that she’s dealt with in comparison to other IT reps that she’s used in the past. I have heard this type of sentiment from several of our staff in the past several months so THANK YOU to you and to all of your staff!

- Dawn Myers | Liberty Insurance Associates Inc.

Thank you to everyone on the CATS team for their constant support and expertise, we could not survive without you guys!

This review has long been overdue but I just wanted to share my thoughts about my recent CATS experience. When our office and about 75% of East Brunswick lost power for almost 3 days, I felt like I was the only one who went into panic mode. Even during the pandemic when the offices were closed, I still came into work almost every day. My job is difficult to do remotely and I have to use Quickbooks for everything I do. So when our server was inaccessible, I fell behind and wasn’t able to close out the month of July… Read More

- Lizette Fallon | Wellspring Center for Prevention

I cannot recommend them enough and I am so grateful to them for all of their help during this unprecedented time. 

During the past few very trying weeks of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our company has been hit with the reality of allowing remote work for our employees while still maintaining excellent service to our clients.  Through all of it, CATS was there for us every step of the way.  They got us set up for secure remote access quickly and were there to field our many phone calls to walk us through the setup process.  We were treated with respect and their staff, including the owner, went above and beyond for us. 

- Dawn Myers | Liberty Insurance Associates Inc.

It is a big and important job to keep the technology flowing throughout the cathedral.

Whether it’s our 5 Million yearly visitors, or our live broadcasts on television or internet, it is a big and important job to keep the technology flowing throughout the cathedral. CATS Technology has stepped up to be a reliable and efficient company for all of our IT needs. They never hesitate to make a quick phone call to check in, or an onsite trip into NYC, which reassures us that we can count on them to be there for us no matter what.

- Loual Puliafito | Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

IT Threat Level:

Telegram Bots Used to Attack Online Payment Systems

PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay have been the recent target for cybercriminals.  They are using Telegram bots to steal one-time password (OTP) tokens, as well as gain account information.  Cybercriminals have been calling victims and impersonating banks in order to trick them into revealing their personal account credentials. Telegram bots have become a popular tool for cybercriminals to use, […] [Read More...]

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Microsoft Pricing to Increase Next Year

Beginning on March 1, 2022, Microsoft will be increasing their pricing on their commercial products.  If you’re wondering why, Microsoft...

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