8 Simple Steps to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attacks

As global sanctions are tightening, cyberattacks are becoming more of a concern.  This new wave of ransomware attacks are directed mostly toward small businesses.  The fact that small businesses have fewer resources to prepare, defend against and recover from attacks makes them an easy target.

Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to protect your business from any potential ransomware attacks, without breaking your budget or expanding your staff.

  1. Back Up Files: Backing up your system frequently will allow you to restore it if it ever becomes infected with ransomware.  Testing your backups is also important to do regularly.
  2. Use an Antivirus: Install an antivirus, use firewalls, and make sure they are most up to date.
  3. Use Multi-Factor Authentication: This adds an extra layer of protection, and studies have shown that majority of cyberattacks would have been prevented had multi-factor authentication been utilized in those situations.
  4. Update and Patch Software: Make sure you are using the latest, most updated versions of all software, apps, etc.
  5. Create Strong Passwords: Passwords should be at least 15 characters long and changed frequently.
  6. Open Emails with Caution: Links and attachments in emails can look legitimate but it’s always good to double check with the sender, even if you know them.
  7. Train Your Employees: Cybersecurity Training is a great way to educate your employees on different scams to look out for.  Rather than becoming victims, they can become a part of your security team!
  8. Contact CATS Technology Solutions Group: Our team of Certified Cybersecurity experts are available to you 24/7, and will make sure you are on the right track!
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