A New Phishing Tactic: Reply-Chain Attacks

August 29, 2022 9:55 am

The reason phishing attacks seem to be mentioned time and time again is because they are still the number one tactic cybercriminals use for cyberattacks.  They are becoming more difficult to detect since cybercriminals continue to evolve their tactics.  The newest tactic they are using is called reply-chain phishing.


What is Reply-Chain Phishing? A reply-chain email occurs when one person sends an email to multiple recipients, and each recipient responds to the same email which creates an email chain.  Reply-chain phishing is when a phishing email is tucked inside an ongoing email chain.  This is unusual because phishing emails are typically sent as a new email message.


How does a hacker gain access to a reply-chain email? A hacker can easily gain access to a reply-chain by hacking into one of the email accounts of a person involved in the email chain.


Why are reply-chain phishing attacks hard to detect?
–  It comes from a familiar email address that has already been participating in the email conversation.
–  It may reference items that are already mentioned in the discussion.
–  It may use personalization, such as names that the hacker has seen in the reply chain.

How do you lessen the risk of Reply-Chain Phishing?
–  Use a password manager so employees won’t use the same password across multiple platforms.
–  Have multi-factor authentication controls in place for extra security.
–  Make sure employees are aware of the signs of phishing emails.
–  Contact CATS Technology Solutions Group for more ways to keep your systems secure!

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