The Advantages of Using Managed IT Services Company for Network Maintenance

January 16, 2014 7:10 pm
Managed IT Services New Jersey

Managed IT Services New Jersey


CATS Technology prides on providing proactive monitoring solutions and preventative system maintenance to our clients at an affordable price to include network security solutions, infrastructure support, hardware maintenance, software maintenance and other premium technical support. We support your customized systems and programs and provide a proven reduction in system downtime while protecting your data and safeguarding your business, all for an affordable monthly program fee.

Proactive Server Maintenance is a low cost way of making sure that the server systems you have are monitored, maintained and checked for issues on a regular basis. By having proactive, regular maintenance you avoid many of the most common reasons seen for systems failure.

Some of the tasks done in a proactive maintenance includes:

  • Basic 24×7 Monitoring
  • Windows Updates
  • Security fixes
  • Event Logs review and corrections
  • Disk space review and cleaning
  • Antivirus and Backup Validations and reconciliations
  • Reboots
  • Defrags
  • Quarterly Object Recovery Test
  • Automated Server Maintenance
  • Quarterly Basic System Administrator Review

Thanks to our proactive support services which feature the Guardian, our new advanced alerting system, and speedy response time, you can rest assured that we will be notified of problems as soon as they occur and will respond accordingly.

Due to the perceived inconvenience of preventative maintenance, CATS Technology prefers to rely on scheduled maintenance to perform the required system maintenance in a time frame that disrupts other users as little as possible. Scheduled maintenance is ideal for actions like emptying temporary files, running defragmentation programs on hard discs, and clearing out server caches. CATS Technology professionals may not always be able to wait until scheduled maintenance to address particularly dire problems with a computer or server. When possible, however, the administrators will often allow minor issues to persist and simply be worked around until the scheduled maintenance can be completed, rather than interrupt the users that rely on the system.

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