Benefits of Managed IT Services for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare and technology go hand in hand, which is why it’s so important that Managed IT Services play a large role in the healthcare industry.  As advances in technology continue to rise, cybersecurity risks are spreading just as quickly, which is why maintaining a healthy IT infrastructure is a must.


  • Having a HIPAA Compliant Strategy:

HIPAA Compliance is not meant to replace any data protection or security practices that are already effectively in place, but rather a guide to make sure you are in line with all of the HIPAA requirements.  It also gives you an extra layer of protection from becoming a victim of a cybercrime.  Many of our Technicians at CATS Technology Solutions Group are trained and certified in HIPAA Compliance.


  • Staying Within Your IT Budget:

Having an in-house IT department can make you spend more than you want, especially when you start factoring in recruiting and hiring a full staff while also spending money to maintain the department.  At CATS Technology Solutions Group, you will get a team of Certified Technicians who offer constant proactive monitoring while keeping your budget a priority.  Plus, the use of vacation days won’t affect you since someone on our team is always available!


  • Focus on Core Mission:

Hiring an outside Managed Service Provider means you can focus solely on your company mission, while leaving all IT issues aside! Freeing up your team to continue to focus on their dedicated responsibilities can help you reach your goals and hit your core objectives.

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CATS Technology is a complete technology solutions provider, dedicated to providing solutions that will streamline operations, enhance productivity and drive innovation for businesses of all sizes. Our professionally trained and certified IT experts empower our clients to leverage the full potential of their IT investments to stay ahead of today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

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