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CATS Technology Breaks 100 on MSP 501 List

2020 MSP 501 Winner Aug 3 2020

We are so excited to announce that CATS Technology Solutions Group has been placed on Channel Future’s 2020 MSP 501 List once again! What is the MSP 501 List? It is the world’s first, largest and most comprehensive survey and […] [Read More...]

Meet Nuno Nogueira!

Meet Nuno Nogueira Jul 28 2020

Nuno is a Senior Solutions Architect at CATS Technology Solutions Group. He was born in Portugal and moved to America with his parents when he was 3 years old. Since then, he has been a New Jersey resident, with the […] [Read More...]

HIPAA Violations Are Still Happening

HIPAA Violations Jul 27 2020

Are You Compliant? HIPAA Compliant is something that will always be around and the importance of it never wavers. Being HIPAA Compliant is not just important, but it can also be mandatory for many healthcare organizations. According to HIPAA guidelines, […] [Read More...]

4 Cybersecurity Myths that Should Be Forgotten

4 Cybersecurity Myths that Should Be Forgotten Jul 15 2020

The important role cybersecurity plays in any organization isn’t anything new. These warnings have been around for years; secure your data, protect your systems. Unfortunately, there are still major security breaches that occur that could have possibly been avoided if […] [Read More...]

Meet Richard Dooley Jr!

Meet Richard Dooley Jr! Jul 13 2020

Richard is a Junior Consultant at CATS Technology Solutions Group. He grew up in Roanoke, Virginia. He had barely any neighbors there, so moving to New Jersey 4 years ago has brought him to very different surroundings. Richard currently has […] [Read More...]