CATS IT Technician, Daniel Chita, HIPAA and Cybersecurity Compliant

April 25, 2019 12:22 pm

It’s no secret that at CATS Technology Solutions Group, we believe in gaining as much knowledge about the IT field as possible.  In order to achieve this, our technicians are constantly seeking out new trainings and certifications to take part in and obtain.  Since technology is constantly changing, it’s important to keep up with the newest trends and continue to have the skills that are needed with this ever-changing IT industry.

Although all of CATS Technology Solutions Group’s IT Technicians go through necessary training, we wanted to highlight one particular Technician who, through a lot of hard work, took part in a program to receive multiple certifications within a very short period of time.  Daniel Chita successfully took on and completed the 4Med Plus Health IT Security Management (CHITSM) course, and now has the following certifications under his belt:

–  Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer Professional (CHSP)

–  Certified Medical Site Security Specialist (CMPSP)

–  Certified PCI-DSS Payment Card Security Professional (CPCIP)

–  Certified Healthcare Cybersecurity Professional (CHCSP)

–  Certified Healthcare SRA Specialist (CHSRAP)

–  Certified in Healthcare Block Chain Specialist Proficiency (CHBCP)

–  Management Certificate of Leadership Skills Proficiency (MCLSP)

Does your business meet cybersecurity standards?  Cybersecurity is extremely beneficial, with cyberattacks, hacking, security breaches and other network vulnerabilities all on the rise.  In addition to his knowledge and skills, Dan also has the ability to ensure that your organization can adapt and mitigate risk, which in turn will lower your chance of being affected by these vulnerabilities.  If you do not have the proper cybersecurity measures in effect, an attack can be detrimental to all businesses, whether small, mid-size or large corporations.

Everyone at CATS Technology Solutions Group is so proud of these recent accomplishments by Dan!  CATS Technology is made up of a very well-rounded group of IT Technicians, and it’s exciting to be able to add another Security Management Professional to our crew!

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