CATS Meaning Continuation: Update on Amanda (the “A” in CATS)

June 18, 2019 12:16 pm

Now that some time has passed, a lot has changed and we thought it would be fun to catch you up on what Amanda Gonchar has been up to! 

The “A” in CATS stands for Amanda!  As many of you know, she is the second oldest daughter/twin, of CATS President, Darrin, and his wife, Kelly.  When we left off, she was studying to be a Veterinarian Technician at Penn Foster Institute, as well as interning at Jamesburg Veterinary Hospital.  Amanda is now a full-time Veterinary Technician Assistant at Garden State Veterinary Services and Emergency Services Vet in Iselin, NJ which is the perfect job for her!  Congratulations Amanda!  We are very proud of you.

In her free time, Amanda loves to spend time with her family and pets.  Her love for animals gets stronger each day and she looks forward to spending time with each of her pets.  Her newest addition, Donovan, is a big, gentle and loveable Great Dane!  Amanda has been working extremely hard on her days off training Donovan to become a Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen, and he is now officially certified!! What an accomplishment! Now that Donovan is certified, Amanda plans on bringing him to hospitals and retirement homes.  She knows his big, sweet personality will help bring others comfort and put a smile on their faces.

For all of Donovan’s adventures, follow @Donovan_thegreat on Instagram (he has over 10,000 followers)!


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