CATS Meaning Continuation: Update on Samantha (the “S” in CATS)

July 26, 2019 11:35 am

Now that some time has passed, a lot has changed and we thought it would be fun to catch you up on what Samantha Gonchar has been up to! 

The “S” in CATS stands for Samantha.  As many of you know, she is the fourth daughter of CATS President, Darrin, and his wife, Kelly.  Sammy has finished up her 8th grade year and now that she graduated, will be heading off to Monroe High School in the fall!  She also attended her first 8th Grade Formal Dance, which was the perfect way to celebrate the end of her middle school years!

She is still a huge fan of softball and loves the dedication and hard work she gets to put in each and every day.  Being a member of the Monroe Thunder Softball Traveling Team for the past few years is Sammy’s passion.  The Thunder Girls just recently won the Division A “Play it Forward” USSSA Tournament!  Sammy may be small, but she is mighty, and is definitely a force to be reckoned with on the softball field.  She hit her first over the fence home run in the Division A Tournament, which proves how powerful of a softball player she is.  We are all so proud of her!

She was also a member of the Monroe Middle School softball team, and we are so excited to announce that she has recently been named Monroe Middle School Outstanding Player of the Year! And yes, she still sports #4 on her jersey and goes by the nickname “Sammy G” on the softball field!  When Sammy is not playing softball, she loves to be out on the water with her Dad; jet skiing, fishing or going for a ride on the boat.

Samantha is looking forward to spending another summer down the shore.  She especially loves making memories with her friends and family.


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