CATS Meaning Continuation: Update on Taylor (the “T” in CATS)

July 10, 2019 10:19 am

Now that some time has passed, a lot has changed and we thought it would be fun to catch you up on what Taylor Gonchar has been up to! 

The “T” in CATS stands for Taylor!  As many of you know she is the third daughter of CATS President, Darrin, and his wife Kelly.  Taylor has had a very exciting year so far!  She was a senior in high school and just graduated this past June.  She recently attended her Senior Prom and had an amazing time.  It was such a memorable way to end her high school experience!

After visiting her older sister, Caitlin, at Montclair University, Taylor fell in love with the school.  In just a few short months, she will be attending the University as an undergraduate majoring in Business.  She loved meeting all of Caitlin’s friends on her visit, and is excited to be able to follow in her sister’s footsteps.  She is looking forward to taking the next step and experiencing something new and different, possibly even pledging to a sorority at Montclair!

Taylor still has a strong passion for music, and will be continuing to put her singing talent to use by recording new songs in her free time!


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