Could Working from Home Be the New Normal?

Working Remotely, the New Normal?
May 29, 2020 9:47 am

It has been months since Americans began working remotely on a daily basis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One question on everyone’s mind is, as the crisis starts to fade, will working remotely continue? Is this the new normal in the work place?

Research has found that working from home can improve employee productivity, work/life balance, and mental health. But at the same time, working remotely has also made workers feel lonely and miss the sociability that once was a part of the everyday workplace. Many believe the future will be a mixture of both; working at home a few days a week, while in the office the other days (with spaced out working spaces and hand sanitizer readily available!)

Although there are a number of businesses that don’t have the option to allow their employees to work remotely, the advancement in technology today has allowed working from home a realistic alternative for the majority of businesses.

If working remotely is the future, what is needed to ensure you have a proper and effective work from home environment in place?

  • Proper Tools and Equipment – It’s important to have the same equipment at home that you have in the office, that way you can do your job as effectively as possible.
  • A Cybersecurity Plan – A VPN, cloud storage, and anti-virus are all necessary to keep your systems safe and secure, especially as cyberattacks continue to rise.
  • Open Communication – Utilize platforms such as Slack or Zoom to stay in touch with coworkers.
  • A Reliable IT Company – Such as CATS Technology Solutions Group! Not only will we get your home workstation set up, but we will monitor your systems day and night.

At CATS Technology Solutions Group, one thing that has never changed, regardless of the circumstances, is our commitment and loyalty to our clients. We have the ability to do whatever is needed to get your systems up and running smoothly and securely from the office to your home.

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