Cyber Attacks – How Often, Who & Why?

April 14, 2022 11:04 am

As Cyber Attacks continue to rise, Cyber Security luckily has seen a big increase as well.  It’s no secret that Cyber Security is an essential part of your business and is needed to keep your systems safe and secure from cyber criminals.


It may be easier to understand just how important Cyber Security is when we lay out all the facts for you.  For example, how often do they occur? Who is typically targeted?


  • How Often Do Cyber Attacks Occur? According to a study at the University of Maryland, a Cyber Attack occurs around every 39 seconds.
  • Who Do They Target? Small businesses are responsible for falling victim to about 43% of these attacks.  The top two categories of attacks were web-based attacks and phishing/social engineering attacks.
  • Why Do These Attacks Occur? Right around 95% (yes, 95%) of Cyber Attacks are due to human error. That means most of these attacks occur from actions made within your company.


How Can CATS Technology Solutions Group Help?
The Technicians at CATS Technology are Certified Cyber Security experts and will secure and monitor your system 24/7.  We are also available as an additional resource for Cyber Security support and tips!

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