Cyber Security Halloween Horror Stories

Let’s put a spooky spin on this Halloween Cyber Security analogy!

Phishing scammers and trick-or-treaters share an uncanny resemblance, both having the ability to conjure up fear.  While the threats of trick-or-treaters aren’t as serious, such as threatening toilet paper and egging your house, it’s the phishing scammers who can bring on serious digital doom.


Even when phishing emails try to lure you in with the promises of discounts, or demanding your login details, resist the urge.  Instead, dress up as a detective and scrutinize and examine the email thoroughly.  If anything seems off, don’t click any links, and delete the email.  It’s always better to be safe online than spooked by a cyber-ghoul!



Ransomware is the monster lurking under the digital bed, and a business owner’s worst nightmare.  These attacks take your organization hostage, forcing your systems into a timeout until the mess is sorted out.  Although it may be tempting to pay up, there’s no guarantee that if they do, they will play nice.


No matter what, don’t pay the ransom!  Instead, make sure all your ghosts are in a row and have a solid incident response and backup plan.  This way, when the ransomware monster comes knocking, you’ll be prepared!


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